First Glance; getting to know what I actually do.

Hello Blogging world!

This is my very first blog so stick with me! I know some people may think that being an insta-slut or having followers is just overrated, but in most of todays industries social media is a must. For this reason I am now sending twats daily @roman_kristl, and posting pictures of my most current activities on instagram @romi_kristl. Now I am taking this one step further as I try an attempt to be a real life blogger!

First off let me tell you all a little bit about how I got here. I have always had a dream of being a professional snowboarder, but never really had the chance as I grew up on the Monterey peninsula, about four hours from any mountain. It wasn’t until the winter of 2008-09 when my parents gave me the chance to live in Tahoe with my brother at the prime age of 14. Yes, it was nerve racking to leave my  friends, parents, and not to mention home for a little town in North Tahoe called Truckee, but I was feeling ambitious and ready to chase my dream.

The first three years were pretty hectic as I was constantly encountering new friends, riders, coaches, and mountains. I never had lived in a ski town before and it definitely took a little time to adjust to some of the subtle differences. Instead of mowing the lawn or turning on the heater I was snow blowing the driveway and stoking a fire. It definitely took a little time to get adjusted to all the differences, but after four seasons of living in Truckee I am finally feeling like a local.

As I head into my fifth season I am finally in a groove and have some big plans to take my riding to the next level.  I have picked up many new sponsors, which are allowing me to grow as a rider and human being. I would personally like to thank Big Truck Headwear, Smith Optics, Arcade Belts, Squaw Valley, Totally Board board shop, Fuel Clothing, and Pik Pok Shirts for giving me the chance to become something great! This season is already lining up to be a big one and I am more than ready for the ride!

I know that my blogging skills are probably a little off since I haven’t been to formal school in over a year, but if you stuck with me through that entire thing, then I hope that you will enjoy the many posts that proceed. Please follow me on instagram, and read my tweets as I give you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to go from amateur to pro in an industry that is far from normal. I promise, we will have a good time!


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