Birthdays in Colorado!

Hi everyone,

After getting hammered with rain in Tahoe, I decided it was time to try something new. I left for Colorado on the 6th of December to come out and enjoy some riding with my teammates from ASC and also do a little celebrating for my best friends birthday.

After getting up at 5am, missing my second flight, and sitting next to some guy who makes animal cages, my best bud, Sean Murphy, greeted me at the airport. His 20th birthday was only a couple hours away, and he was all ready to get his party on. Hungry and sleep deprived I put on my game face as I knew this day would only happen once.

As soon as 12 midnight hit the fireball was cracked and the PBR’s started flowing! I was not planning on drinking much but as most college students know, plans can change very rapidly and before I knew it I was getting ready for bed at 4am. The next morning was a rough one, but after a couple hours of church service at Regis university, and a solid Einstein’s bagel I was ready to head to Breckenridge to do some snowboarding and keep the celebration rolling.

After four hours of what they called snowboarding, we were back at the base of Breckenridge Mountain in some random girls cabin, where we planned to continue the birthday bash! I couldn’t tell what the vibe was! This girl kept giving me dirty looks, and kept making bitchy remarks about how the house was to dirty, or to take our shoes off, or help her cook dinner. However; once the keg was tapped all those emotions, and feelings of hate were dropped. It was Murph’s birthday and nothing was going to stop us from having a good time.

From beer pong and kings cup, to keg stands and hockey we drank the night away all in celebration of our good friends birthday. With the cabins elevation near 10,000 feet most everyone was completely tapped out by 9:30. I watched the 20 or so people in the cabin drop like flies, one after another, until it was only Sean and I sitting on the couch. I looked at him and smiled, as I knew we had a successful night, and by the pale sickening look on his face I could tell he had a blast.

Happy birthday Sean, I hope it was one to remember!

I still have one week left out in this freezing iceberg they call Colorado, and will be sure to keep you all informed on what comes next.


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