Update on season.

If anyone has been following or reading, which I hope some of you have, you may have noticed a large gap from todays post and my last one. IM SORRY! Being a newbee to blogging I totally gave up on it in December, but I’m back with some cool stories to tell!

First off my calendar has full with competing in the Revolution Tour, North Face Masters, US Open Qualifiers, as well as photo shoots, and video shoots.


The reason I started blogging again, is because I got asked to do a private video shoot today with world renowned photographer Poby. He has shot athletes such as Michael Phelps, David Beckham, and others. Besides living in hectic New York, he manages to promote the Olympics through Visa commercials and shoot athletes in almost every sport you can think of. It was an honor to be in his presence today and shoot with the best in the game. Check out his website at http://www.poby.net. My pictures will be available soon.


I recently competed in my first big mountain competition and took 7th at the qualifiers and 15th out of 52 riders in the final event, which was full of big name pro’s. Check the link out below and fast forward to 1:21:00 to see my run. The second link leads you to an intro piece that I was lucky enough to partake in…it was my first interview but I think I nailed it!



I also managed to film a Squaw Valley Park Update that got featured on snowboarder magazine this January with Nick Pooch. All video and editing was done by Matt Palmer. This feature has got over 6,000 hits and is climbing everyday. Keep yours eyes peeled for another Matt Palmer featured video in the near future.



As well as filming with Squaw Valley I have been participating in private photo shoots with the legend Hank de Vre. This man has shot countless professional riders and skiers, such as the late and great Shane McConkey, and others top names like Jermey Jones. I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot with him once last year and have become good friends with him ever since. You can see some of our work by logging onto facebook and looking up Squaw Valley’s photos.

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre

Photo Credit: Hank de Vre


I am taking part in a series of video challenges through the Amplid Snowboard Academy, a very large European snowboard and ski corporation. These videos have incentives for each contest, and the overall winner will receive a full pro sponsorship from Amplid Corporation. Check my first video out at the link below.

Thanks for checking in and I will promise to do better in the future with keeping everyone updated.

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