April Showers and Still No Flowers

After a busy March, that was full of photo shoots and video shoots, things decided to change for the worst in April. Easter came early this year, and with that came a nice amount of rain! After a long season of waiting for snow we finally got precipitation, but in the form of rain…which wasn’t very pleasant.

Luckily this last week has had a little sun in it, and we managed to get out for a few photo shoots. Pictures are still in development, but hopefully I will get my hands on them as soon as possible. For now take a look at a few shots we got a couple weeks ago during an evening shoot at Squaw Valley. We ended up getting a snowmobile tow over to the jump, but after that we were on our own. Hitting a jump during dusk is very scary and nerve racking experience. After shaking in our boots we managed to hit the jump a few times before calling it quits.


Rider: Romi Kristl
Photo: Tommy Pennick

Rider: Hunter Murphy
Photo: Tommy Pennick


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