Amplid Ambush Academy Challenges

In the beginning of this season I was selected to be apart of the Amplid Ambush Academy. It is a challenge set up by Amplid Snowboard Co. to help up and coming riders to get there name out there. There was a series of five challenges that had to be filmed with a Go Pro camera and ranged from 30-60 second in length. At the end of the season the Amplid Managers as well as Team Riders will help pick a few select riders from these challenges to become apart of the Cartel team for the 2013-14 season. I only managed to complete 3 out of the 5 video challenges due to my hectic schedule. Although when I did manage to enter a video challenge I made sure to enter my best work and go along with the guidelines they gave me…which some entries disregarded entirely. Anyways here are my three challenges I hope you enjoy, and hope they convince you that I should be apart of the Cartel Team next year.

Amplid Challenge #1 – Follow Cam

Amplid Challenge #3 РPark in the Backcountry 

Amplid Season Edit Challenge


One thought on “Amplid Ambush Academy Challenges

  1. Nice blog post Rome slice. Keep up the work. We all want to hear about recovery, surfing, training and the latest on what you think about the cutting edge of snowboarding.

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