Island Time BRAH

With winter coming to an end very quickly I knew that I had to get out of the Tahoe area and get some warmth in my life! I started looking at some warm places where I could surf and stay for fairly cheap. At first I was thinking somewhere in Mexico, but we all know that Mexico is a scary place for an 18 year old all by himself. Cross that one off the list! Then I got a call from Khan Meyer, a good friend of mine, who lived in Hawaii. Ah HA! There was the solution. We talked for awhile and we came to an agreement that I would come out to the University of Hawaii, to visit Khan and stay at his dorm….FOR FREE! I ended up buying a ticket the next week and started counting down the days! Now I knew that I was going to need meniscus surgery sometime during this summer, so I knew this was going to be my last chance to surf this summer and had to go all out! I brought 600 dollars with me and ended up blowing through it all in 10 days…mostly on food, and scooter rentals (which are so much fun!).

Here are a handful of pictures that I took on my Iphone to sort of document my trip, and of course I needed pics to rub in my friends faces. Hope you enjoy because these are some of the last pictures of me walking before surgery.


face! IMG_0920 IMG_0922 IMG_0924 IMG_0927 IMG_0944 IMG_0938 IMG_0942 IMG_0940 IMG_0946 IMG_0949 IMG_0947 IMG_0951 IMG_0953 IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0965 IMG_0977 IMG_0975 IMG_0985 IMG_0990 IMG_0998 IMG_1004


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